Earn up to $70 Weekly in Uber Tips

It's time to start making good tips on Uber. PAX is a smart box to take cash or card tips from passengers. PAX is launching on Kickstarter soon. Add your email to get notified and win a free PAX on launch day.

PAX Tips for Uber Drivers - http://www.pax.tips

Uber Drivers Deserve Tips

We tip our taxi drivers, our servers, our baristas, and even our good friends who drive Lyft. So, why not Uber drivers who get us where we need to go quickly and safely? PAX makes it easy for passengers to tip Uber drivers.

Accept Card Tips

Most Uber riders do not carry cash. But no problem! With Pax Tips it is easy to leave a few bucks with a swipe.

Accept Cash Tips

Make it easy for people to give you a few bucks in tips. Between cash and credit, drivers are making up to $50 weekly.

Uber Approved

Uber allows accepting tips in your vehicle. After all, you are an independent contractor! Read for yourself here.

Features & Specifications

  • Accepts credit card tips
  • Accepts cash tips
  • A companion app to manage your tips
  • Headrest mount for any vehicle model
  • Multiple effective tipping messages
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Two color options - RED or BLACK